DIY Paper Craft Ideas

Paper crafts are not just for children. Sugar paper, a type of thick coloured paper used for making craft-work, and card can be used by adults too. Both are easily available from high street stores as well as craft shops, who have a wider selection of colours and larger sheets. Here are five of our adult sugar paper projects for you try for a special event or for your home décor.

Sugar paper chalkboard

Sugar paper chalkboard

Create your own inexpensive chalkboard with black sugar paper and white glue to use at a party and or as wedding décor. This is the simplest of our DIY paper craft ideas:

1. Get a sheet of dark sugar paper, a foam paintbrush and some white glue.

2. Using the brush, cover the entire sheet of paper with a thin layer of glue.

3. Let it dry completely, then "season" your chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the whole surface and wiping it off.

4. For added durability, mount your new little chalkboard onto a piece of cardboard.

Paper flowers

Paper flowers

Create delicate DIY flower buds in an array of colours. When finished, one of our ideas is to fill a vase with the crafted stems for a striking centrepiece.

1. Draw a spiral on a 4×4 inch square sheet of paper in different colours.

2. Cut out spiral along lines.

3. Begin rolling it up from outside to inside.

4. Keep on rolling until there's no more left to roll and stick the end with glue.

Scroll garland from card

Scroll garland from card

This DIY card garland with its gentle scrolls is one of the adult craft ideas popular for wedding décor with its more sophisticated look than simple paper chains.

1. Cut a 12×12 inch sheet of card into 1.5 inch strips.

2. Make a loop with a strip and secure to a center strip (‘the spine’) with a paper clip. Attach loops in various shapes and sizes.

3. Pinch the area secured by the paper clip with one hand. Carefully remove the paper clip with the other hand, then staple.

4. To lengthen the garland, simply staple another strip to the end of the center strip.

5. Continue to add loops until desired length is achieved.

6. Glue small strips of paper over the staples.

Sugar paper stones

Sugar paper and clear varnish are all that are needed to make DIY ‘stones’ from paper.

1. Collect a pile of scrap sugar paper…

2. Cut the entire pile the same size. The more accurate you are in your cutting, the less sanding you have to do.

3. Pour white glue into little disposable cups and glue the sugar paper shapes. It is better to use too much glue rather than too little. Repeat this about thirty times until the paper is layered to the thickness you want and leave them to totally dry out.

4. Start sanding the edges first with sandpaper. Then, start sanding on an angle, so you can see all of the layers.

5. When you get closer to the shape you want, use a very fine sandpaper to finish.

6. Seal your ‘stone’ completely with clear varnish to bring out the colours. One of the brightest ideas is to seal with clear nail polish.

Sugar paper basket

Sugar paper basket

Create these simple DIY baskets in any colour to use as party décor. All you need are two complementary colours of paper along with some patient cutting, weaving and stapling.

1. Cut the sugar paper into 1 inch strips.

2. Lay 10 strips of one colour side by side on a flat surface.

3. Use 10 strips of the second colour to weave under and over the first set of strips, leaving 1 inch unwoven on each of four sides. Now you have a flat checked mat.

4. Gather together the end strips of one side and staple. Repeat for the remaining three sides.

5. Staple another strip of contrasting colour paper to form a handle between two opposite sides, and repeat this for the remaining sides.

6. With one final strip, create a paper bow and staple to the top of the two handles to secure them.