DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Having bare walls in your home give you the opportunity to make DIY wall art to hang and be proud of. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative artist, you can still make your wall art that looks amazing. Here we have listed some DIY wall art ideas for your home that are simple, look good and do not cost much money:

Your favourite quote

Your favourite quote

The first of our DIY wall art ideas is to re-purpose a painting that you like, but not one that you adores, since you’ll be painting over most of the design to create a piece of fun DIY wall art that displays your favourite quote. You will need letter stickers, that you can find in any craft shop.

1. Find a painting that you are happy to paint over most of the design.

2. Cut out all the letters needed to write the words you want to show and plan your design.

3. Stick the letters on the painting as perfectly or imperfectly as you wish.

4. Use white paint spray to cover the entire art piece. You may need two coats. Allow to dry.

5. Peel off the letters carefully and enjoy your new piece of art.

Make a shape out of string

Create a shape in nails and tie with string for a dramatic piece of DIY wall art for your home. Be creative with ideas for shapes.

1. Take a piece of wood, of a size that fits the space you want to fill, and spray paint with the background colour of your choice. Let it dry.

2. Tape the wood with the white paper and draw your shape on the paper.

3. Hammer in nails about 2cm or 1 inch around the entire outline of your shape.

4. When all your nails are in, remove the white paper.

5. Get your string and tie a knot around the head of one of the nails. Wrap the string around the nails until you like the pattern you created.

Hanging bead curtain

Hanging bead curtain

If you are looking for an easy DIY way to fill up a large space on a wall at home, one of the simplest wall art ideas is a hanging bead curtain.

1. Take the thin curtain rod and paint it so that it blends in with your wall colour.

2. Collect as many strands of beaded garlands as you need to cover the space and string the garland on the curtain rod leaving as little or as much space between the strands as you wish.

3. Attach the curtain brackets to the wall and you have your very own DIY wall art at home.

Shoebox shelves

Shoebox shelves

Perfect shelving ideas for lightweight items, display favourite pieces using different sized boxes and a variety of colourful paper to create a unique display for your home. Display a single shelf or cover up an entire wall.

1. Cut your decorative paper to the exact size of the back wall of the shoebox. Set aside.

2. Spray paint the inside and outside walls of the shoebox. Leave to dry completely.

3. Attach the box to the wall with two screws. For extra sturdiness, hang the box vertically.

4. Glue the decorative paper to the inside of the box.

5. Display your favourite, lightweight, decorations.

String and colour canvas

Other ideas for re-purposing an old canvas is the creation of a home DIY wall art installation in under 10 minutes. Here’s how to do it:

1. Spray paint your canvas with gold paint. You may need two coats if you are using an old canvas. Let it dry.

2. Wrap string around a canvas to create a pattern. Simply wrap and tape the string on the back of the canvas to keep it in place.

3. Spray in an ombre pattern, which means colour that is shaded or graduated in tone. For example light blue at the top, medium blue in the middle and dark blue at the base.

4. Remove string and you have your completed home DIY wall art.

Textured Wall Art with String

Another of our string wall art ideas with a difference. All you need is a canvas, string, acid free glue, Gesso – which is a primer, making the surface slightly textured and ready to accept acrylic paint, which you also need.

1. Thin your glue with water in a container so that it runs off your string.

2. Wearing rubber gloves, dip a yard of string at a time into this runny glue. Squeeze out the excess and add the string to the canvas in any design pattern you choose. Leave to dry.

3. When dry add 1 or 2 coats of Gesso. Leave to dry.

4. Paint in your chosen colour.